Seating series



Eastern and Western cultures differ considerably in spaces. Traditionally, Eastern culture can be seen as floor-based, sitting and sleeping on the floor. On the other hand, Western culture can be seen as the opposite, sitting on chairs and sleeping on beds. Even today, though Western culture has been absorbed to a considerable degree, floor-based culture remains in diverse forms in numerous areas in Asia. Taking note of this, I have designed the two lifestyles into a single series. The Korean reading of the Chinese character  (Mandarin reading: wo), wa means “to lie down.” This series consists of the three independent items of a pillow, a legless chair, and a chair and can be applied in many creative ways to residential spaces and commercial spaces in the contemporary age, where a variety of lifestyles coexist.

공간 안에서 동서양의 문화는 매우 다르다전통적으로 동양은 바닥에 앉고 바닥에서 자는 좌식서양은 의자에 앉거나 침대에서 자는 입식이라고   있다서양의 문화가 많이 흡수된 지금도 아시아의 많은지역에 다양한 형태로 좌식문화가 남아있다나는 이것에 착안해  두개의 라이프스타일을 하나의 시리즈로 디자인하였다. 'Wa' ()는 한자로 눕다라는 뜻이다 시리즈는 베개좌식의자의자의 세가지 독립된 아이템들로 구성되어있으며다양한 생활상이 공존하는 현대의 거주공간이나 상업공간에 여러 창조적인 방식으로 적용될 수 있다.


Hard wood (Ash), Korean high quality silk, Compressed sponge

Chair : 410 x 410 x 700 (mm)

Chair(Legless) : 410 x 410 x 250 (mm)