Study / Fabric



ATO has a steady interest in intercultural convergence. 'Trypophobia' is a graphical study of it, a project to study how traditional and free patterns and modern symbols can match. In this work , the uniquely designed fabric combines silk with traditional Korean patterns and modern graphics embroidered in diverse colors, thus expressing the friction between and coexistence of the two cultures. The 'Trypophobia' series will continue to be updated in a variety of ways such as fabric, graphic and object designs. 

ATO는 문화간의 융합에 꾸준한 관심을 가지고 있다. 'Trypophobia'  그에 대한 그래픽적인 관점에서의 연구로전통적이고 자유로운 패턴과 현대적인 기호 혹은 상징들이 어떻게 어울릴  있을지 연구하는 프로젝트이다이번 작업에서는한국 양단의 패턴과 현대적 기호 그래픽을 다양한 컬러와 자수로 매치시켜 두가지 문화의 마찰과 공존을 표현했다. 'Trypophobia' 시리즈는 패브릭, 그래픽, 오브젝트 디자인 등의 다양한 방식으로 적용되어  계속 업데이트  예정이다. 


Korean high quailty silk, Embroidered pattern